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On Thursday, May 10, members of Aikido at the Center are participating in the Fitness Night at Carrillo Magnet Elementary School. We'll be there starting at 5!

At Aikido at the Center we believe strongly in bringing the principles of Aikido to the community.   If you'd like members of Aikido at the Center (adults or kids) to come do a demonstration or class, please contact us at aikidoatthecentertucson@gmail.com

Over the years we've done outreach with the Pasqua Yaqui tribe here in Southern Arizona.  We have a summer camp program--the first year the kids came to our dojo for classes, and since then we've gone to the reservation to give our camps.  We usually have 30 or more kids on the mats!  On the final day of camp the kids take part in our "Day in the Life of a Samurai"--they have to overcome lots of challenges, including a bokken-wielding samurai!  

Aikido at the Center also participates in some of the many festivals and fairs that Tucson holds every year.  The biggest of these is the Tucson Meet Yourself festival, which brings in thousands of Tucsonans every October.  It's a way for Tucsonans to be introduced to the many performers, activities, and groups around town.

We've also participated in the Tucson Peace Fair.  What better place to disseminate O'Sensei's ideals of love and harmony!  

In all of these endeavors we aim to include as many people as possible--members of our adult and children's programs participate and we actively involve the audience as well!  The more people on the mat the merrier!

Image of summer camp

"All life is a manifestation of the spirit, the manifestation of love."
Morihei Ueshiba

aikido kanji

Sharing Aikido Principles with the Community

Image of Peace Fair demo
Image of camp at Yaqui
Image of Native American Wellness demo
Image of camp at Yaqui 
Pictures from left to right:  2008 Tucson Peace Fair, Pasqua Yaqui summer camp, Native American Wellness Fair, Pasqua Yaqui summer camp.  

Notice the smiling faces! 
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In accordance with O Sensei's directives, Aikido at the Center does not discriminate on the counts of agedness, race, sex, creed, national original, political beliefs, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Aikido at the Center is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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