Why Aikido?

Why Aikido is Different

Unlike the striking and kicking martial arts, the aim of Aikido is not to injure or kill an opponent. Instead, Aikido teaches how to resolve conflict as safely and peacefully as possible.

Aikido uses graceful but powerful locks, throws, and pins that quickly immobilize an attacker without causing permanent injury. This is why Aikido is called "The Art of Nonresistance" or "The Non-Fighting Art".

Reflections on Aikido

Judith Robinson Benefits of Aikido for Older Students : Robinson Sensei talks about her experience learning Aikido as an older student, and the benefits it can have for seniors and for all people who practice it.
Trisha Rude Reflections on the Deshi Program: An essay on the experience of intense training in the deshi program, and how it affects everyday awareness.
Richard LeeA review of and personal response to O Sensei's book, Budo.
Bryon LichtenhanIwama Style Aikido: Observations and discoveries about Iwama style Aikido after training with Saito Shihan.
The Way of Harmony: Reflections on aikido, the art of nonviolence.
A review of Kisshomaru Ueshiba's book, The Spirit of Aikido.
Mary Jane RidderAn essay about aikido and the natural state of grace.
Joyce Hartung Aikido For Seniors: Joyce has written a collection of essays about the benefits of aikido for seniors.

Seminar Reviews

Toma Seminar Review
Richard Lee Ikeda Seminar Review

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